50,000 and Counting

Zero to Hero Day Three – Write the Post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.


I have more than 50,000 messages in my email Inbox.

Really.  More than 50,000.  The counter actually says 49,999+.  But I’m pretty sure it is considerably more than 50,000. These emails go all the way back to 2008 – the year in which I just stopped. The year in which I stopped doing everything that was not absolutely vital to sustaining life.  Including managing my life……..

Ramsey Creative CommonsMost especially managing my life. 

This ridiculous situation, in which my hoarded emails now strain the seams of my little chunk of the online universe, seems to have become a metaphor of sorts for my life in general over the past five years. The lost years. 

You can read a tiny bit about the why of the lost years on my About page if you like…but the why doesn’t really matter so much right now.  Right now what matters is that I seem to have finally come back to find myself, armed with the realization that it is time to begin again.  

But where to begin?  There are so many choices it is overwhelming.  So the metaphor of the emails seem as good a place as any.   

I’ll let you know how it goes.   


3 thoughts on “50,000 and Counting

  1. I certainly don’t have that many but I have three different computers where I have emails collected.

    I have a terrible fear of losing my memory so I guess I hang on to those computers hoping that should the time come, I’ll at least have them in my possession, whether I can open them or not.

    Although, like you stated, where to begin.
    At the beginning maybe?

  2. Pick a date 3 months ago, six if it helps, and delete all the rest. Anything else will only make you crazy trying to weed through, bringing up old feelings and reminders. If you are like me you will feel bad that you missed this, that or the other thing and you don’t need to carry that weight. Let them go, lighten your load and begin anew.

    1. Really fine advice, thank you. I hadn’t thought about how I might feel when I realized I missed some of them and you are absolutely right – I would do that. I may have to paste your last sentence on my mirror for a week – exactly what I need to hear! Thank you..

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