Goodbye Summer Break

I had not actually planned to take a month or so off……but things happen.  Real Life intervened and with much to deal with unexpectedly I decided to put Splendid Sass on the back burner until I felt I had regained some control of my time.  During my little break I found I missed blogging – and missed reading the blogs of my new friends – so it is good to be back!

Also happy to be headed into my favorite season – Autumn!

Decomposing by Suzanne on Flickr

Inspiration of Me

Zero to Hero Day Nine – Inspire Yourself! Write a post inspired by your About page.

Once upon a long time ago I was a Shakespearean actress. I was a journalist who marched in Viet Nam war protests and rode circus elephants. I was a marketing executive on the east coast, a publishing assistant in New York city and a non-profit leader in the Midwest. I partied with actors whose names you would recognize, made the gossip columns in Washington D.C. and had a bittersweet romance with a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

From there I moved on to a more important existence. Met a man who made me laugh, married him, had his children. Three of them; each a part of my soul and carrying a piece of my heart with them into this world.

We grew older, the kids grew up. Cancer came to visit with us. It stayed a long time. A very long time. When it left it took my husband with it.

Now my son lives on one coast of the United States and my baby girl lives on the other. My middle daughter and I live in the center.

I never made a decision to stop trying. I just did.

Now it’s time to start again.


Most of what I write about here is for anyone interested in changing up their current life a little bit. Whether that means a new life philosophy or a recipe that can make gluten-free bread taste good (IS there even such a thing?) I hope to bring some insight from my own life to yours. And hopefully include some smiles along the way.

I was born and raised in The Heartland, graduated college and then made my way out into the big wide world in search of adventure. I found it on the east coast where I lived and worked for several years before returning to The Heartland where I met my husband and where we raised our three kids together.

Five years ago my nest emptied abruptly, inevitably and fiercely when my husband passed away on the day our youngest child left for college.

I stopped. Just sort of — stopped.

Very recently I’ve started again. This blog is hopefully going to be a part of that.

Thanks for reading.