Zero to Hero Indeed

Well this is hardly what I would call an auspicious start.

I’m participating in the Zero to Hero challenge at and yesterday I wrote a brilliant first post – or so I thought. But now it is gone. Just gone. I was waiting to publish it until after “sleeping on it” and planned to do some revisions this A.M. But it is no longer within the WordPress Universe and I am, let us be honest here, a wee bit frustrated.

I’ve spent well over an hour reading everything I can find about how to restore posts from auto save and how to find all of my revisions, which theoretically are stored for 30 days deep within the bowels of the WordPress Beast. Oh, how my heart leapt with joy at that news!

But……nothing. Not only does my post no longer exist, it seems that it never did exist. There are no revisions to find. In fact — although I have meticulously compared my screen with the “Help” version of the findyourrevisionsheresillygirl page I’ve discovered that MY version of that screen looks EXACTLY like the one pictured on the Help page with the sole difference being THERE IS NO REVISIONS BUTTON!!!

Ok, ok, if I’m being really honest here I have to say I’m a LOT frustrated right now.

And between the writing of the Brilliant first post yesterday and the futile attempt to find it again today, I have lost about three hours of my precious time which could have easily been better spent watching reruns of Juan Pablo trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame without having to risk saying the “L” word much less proposing marriage on national television. But I digress.

I’ve considered putting in a HELP request or spending some more time “searching” for a solution amongst the myriad options on WordPress or the web. But at this point it seems more logical to just let it go.

Even though it really was exactly the kind of first post I wanted to write; a nice little intro with some smile-worthy humor that set the tone I wanted and explained that I’m here to have fun and learn how to blog and I’ll be writing about lifestyle, self-improvement and random things that catch my fancy (Ooooo shiny!) and while this morning I can remember two or three brilliant lines I can’t for the life of me recall how the original post started or what was in the middle or how it ended…and maybe that is because I wrote it late at night and was pretty tired at the time and I’m brand new to WordPress and this blogging stuff and so I can’t be expected to remember exactly what I was doing, much less the way I was slinging words together…and it’s possible that I am mis-remembering that I saved it at all…or maybe I saved it in that one way that doesn’t really save anything…or maybe I just thought I saved it…and if that’s the case then that could mean that it will never be recovered and so to spend any more time searching for something which doesn’t really exist would be silly and besides I am so tired today that…….Hmmmm.

It couldn’t possibly be operator error. Couldn’t. Possibly. Be.

But you could say that I have nailed the “Zero” part of this challenge really well, don’t you think?

(And the first post I wrote was WAY better than this one. Trust me.)