Haiku – Cherry Blossoms Fall

The challenge today is to complete a special kind of Japanese poetry called a tan renga. Poets work together completing poems of three line stanzas followed by two line stanzas. Here is the prompt haiku, the first stanza, by Shirao:

hito koishi hitoboshi koro wo sakura chiru

yearning fills my heart
when the candles are lit;
Cherry blossoms fall

And my response:

silent puddles at my feet
dreams go unfulfilled tonight

This haiku was prompted by the challenge over at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Drop by to read some great poetry.

1:00 A.M.

wp-train-train-1523036384Lonely whistle calls
Some nights I hear the longing
No train tracks nearby

Written for the prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Hai Visit there to learn some fascinating information about Masaoko Shiki, a young poet who gave Haiku it’s name and brought this poetry-art into the 20th century.

Thoughts of Rain and Sunshine

Soggy lullaby
crashing slashing flashing too
the Storming of Spring

It stormed last night. Most of the night, in fact. Which is alright because I rather like the sound of a storm when I am tucked in safely.

This morning when I got up the sun was back but I was still inspired to seek out a new photo for my blog header. I love this great capture of a spring rain shower in progress which I found on http://www.scenicreflections.com.

A real-life event pulled me away from the blogosphere for the past week but I’m back now and still determined to finish Zero to Hero. Congratulations to all of you who are almost finished! What do you plan to do next?