A Poem Prayer for our Fearsome World


From ghoulies and ghosties
and long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

From witches and skellies
and bloodsucking vampires
And things that crawl up your leg,
Dear Lord, deliver us!

From goblins and boogeymen
and phantasms of gore
And things that hide under the bed,
Please Lord, deliver us!

From aliens and chainsaws
and drug lords and dealers
And those that steal innocence,
Our Lord, deliver us!

From kidnappers and thieves
and molesters and rapists
And those who would take what isn’t theirs,
Dear Lord, deliver us!

From abusers and stalkers,
and killers, and murderers of every kind
And those who do harm for their own sake,
Good Lord, deliver us!

For howsoever the monsters change,
we, who must live among them,
continue to need Your protection.


<a href=”http://yeahwrite.me/fiction-poetry-writing-challenge-185/“><img src=”http://yeahwrite.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/fiction185.png“></a>



The First Stanza of the above  poem is actually the original Scottish prayer, in its entirety; a portion of which is referenced in the Yeah Write  prompt for this writing challenge.  I have taken the liberty of expanding upon the original in the next six stanzas. 

For more fabulous responses to the prompt go to http://yeahwrite.me/fiction-poetry-writing-challenge-185/

9 thoughts on “A Poem Prayer for our Fearsome World

  1. I love how you mixed an old prayer with the modern spectre. Each stanza was perfectly balanced in content, and by that I mean that you had my full attention until the end. I must admit I often struggle with the heavy tendency of poetry! Great take on the prompt.

  2. Hey Splendid! Can you fix your badge? It doesn’t link to the yeahwrite.me site. You’ll need to grab the code in the sidebar on the site and paste that into the text of your post (use the text tab instead of visual tab). Thank you!

    1. Hi Meg, I’m working on it. If you look right above the badge you will see the code I copied from the site – in it’s entirety. But for some reason it does this – just shows the code and not the badge. So I added the pic of the badge and the site link in the paragraph next to it. In the past I was able to link up with no problem so I don’t know what is different. I have a cry for help in to WordPress and hope to be able to remedy the situation soon. Sorry 😦

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