Trick or Cheat

The House on Hanford Street
The House on Hanford Street

I tried to forgive them.  Every year, I tried to forgive them.  Until this year.  This year I decided to do something about it.

The people who live in the house on Hanford Street are not nice people.  They are mean people.  They are stingy people.  They are maybe even dangerous people.

Something needs to be done about them.  And I’m just the kid to do it!  This year.  Maybe.

You see, even though their house sits out more or less in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by other run-down buildings and weedy grass, it is located in prime Trick or Treat territory.  On account of because it is the only house on a really special block. A block that connects the two neighborhoods with the best candy in the whole town.  Kids have been known to entirely fill up their pillowcases just by walking back and forth between those two neighborhoods.

But you have to go past the house on Hanford Street to do it.  So, of course, you have to dare your buddies to go knock on the door.

We’ve been doing this since I was about six years old.  It’s always Charlie that starts it.

“I dare you to go ring their doorbell,” he said that first year.   Me and Remy looked at each other and then at him.  “YOU go ring their doorbell,” I challenged him back.  Of course he wouldn’t.

But some older kids came along then and walked right up on the porch like it was nothing  Rang the bell.  The door opened.  We couldn’t exactly see inside but we saw the kids hold open their pillowcases and they were laughing when they ran by us.

So we got up enough guts to try it.  The three of us, all together.  We walked up the creaky steps and even when a rat ran across the porch we didn’t scram.  We lined up in front of the door and I watched my finger jab the doorbell.  The door creaked open and candy fell into our pillowcases.  But it was kind of weird, none of us actually saw who put it there.  I was so busy looking at the full size Hershey bars (two of them!) going into my stash that I never even looked up.

The next year it was scads of Milk Duds and the year after that Milky Ways AND Snickers bars.  A handful each of the little ones – which still adds up to a lot of candy.  But the year after that it got strange.  They gave out little homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  If my Dad had still been walking the neighborhood with us he never would have let us eat them – there were always news stories about nutcases poisoning kids or slipping razor blades in candy bars.  We wolfed the sandwiches right down and didn’t die but it was still disappointing. That’s when I started trying to practice forgiveness.

The year after that it was grapes.  About four each.  Even worse than sandwiches but we ate them.

“It’s like these folks suddenly got on a health kick!” Charlie complained and of course we agreed with him.  I thought the grapes tasted sour.

Last year it was hard-boiled eggs.  We threw them out as we ran down the front walk.  They made a satisfying splat! sound — which gave us an idea.

This year we brought eggs with us.  Raw eggs.  A lot of them.  These folks needed to be taught a lesson so they would go back to the days of full size Hershey Bars.  We egged the whole porch, the front window and even the front door.  Then we stood there with our pillowcases and rang the doorbell.

The door opened.  A bit of fog curled low around our feet. It was dark inside but somewhere way in the back there was flickering lights, like firelight.  It smelled funny, kind of like when you open the garbage can after rain leaks in.  And the air was so cold and damp it made me shiver. But not as much as I did when I saw the claws on the feet in front of me.  For the first time I looked up at who lived in the House on Hanford Street.

And gosh, to this day I sure wish I never had!



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9 thoughts on “Trick or Cheat

  1. I really like the idea of giving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as treats for Halloween – and then grapes, and hard-boiled eggs. This was fun!

  2. Great voice! You build up the suspense slowly but steadily, which works really well (and lulled me into a false sense of everything’s gonna be ok), and I like that you give us a hint but don’t actually tell us what answered the door.

  3. I forgot about the pre-Halloween strategies for hitting the houses that give out the best candy first. I like your sour grapes reference too! You succeeded in making your narrator sound like a little kid, too.

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