Pandora Lawrence Alma-Tadema

It Was A Jar

Open it again!
that peek let loose such sin BUT
Hope is trapped within

Playing with form for a collection at Haiku Horizons where the prompt was “Open.”
Image: Pandora by Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1881


4 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular Pandora artwork. I love that (very Victorian, isn’t it?), and your haiku makes it a doubly special discovery for me. I’ve never thought on it that deeply, and would have to return to one of the original Pandora tales (Ovid? who?), but I love your modern play on a historical (perhaps) mistranslation. I don’t see the ancient Greeks as using “boxes,” but rather vessels or jars as you slyly illustrate here. It’s like a “D’Oh!” or “eureka!” moment . . . it was a jar, silly, not a box! Wish I could put it more succinctly, but this haiku is a nuanced expression (love the diction of “peek”), taut through both tongue-in-cheek glee almost balanced with the ‘reality’ of the legend that all the qualities of the world are seeping out, save hope, of that moment of discovery.

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