Thoughts of Rain and Sunshine

Soggy lullaby
crashing slashing flashing too
the Storming of Spring

It stormed last night. Most of the night, in fact. Which is alright because I rather like the sound of a storm when I am tucked in safely.

This morning when I got up the sun was back but I was still inspired to seek out a new photo for my blog header. I love this great capture of a spring rain shower in progress which I found on

A real-life event pulled me away from the blogosphere for the past week but I’m back now and still determined to finish Zero to Hero. Congratulations to all of you who are almost finished! What do you plan to do next?


9 thoughts on “Thoughts of Rain and Sunshine

  1. I will go ahead give you a pre-congrats on finishing, as I’m confident you will soon finish! I hope life has calmed down and all is well. Oh what’s next, continuing the momentum, It’s Lupus awareness month so that’s the main focus for my blog for the next 15 days. My blog is documenting my journey with Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome. After that, perhaps find another challenge or settle into my writing routine that I have laid out for myself.

  2. I’m giving you congratulations too, on your determination to finish the course, it has been absolutely great for me, made me do things I really didn’t think I could do, and they have been some of the best bits.
    Life can send you some corners, and it can be hard to navigate through them, so sending lots of good thoughts your way. Hope things are better soon.

    1. Thanks for your support, Claudette, I much appreciate it. I agree about the course making us do things we might not have had the confidence to try. I’ve already found that as well.

  3. I too will congratulate you as I’m sure you’re be finishing the challenge along with us soon! The Blogging 101 course has pushed me out of my comfort zone IN A GOOD WAY. Aside from the challenges I’ll be joining, and posting on my writing schedule, I’m not sure what else is ahead! Hope things are looking up in your real-life šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Melissa, I appreciate your comment. Am looking forward to reading your Tea Reviews — and I suppose I am going to have to break down and start the Outlander Series. You are the second person I know who is raving about how much they like it.

      1. You’re welcome! And Thank You! It’s nice to hear someone say they look forward to those šŸ™‚ As for Outlander, DO IT! It’s SO GOOD!! A co-worker is borrowing my copy of Outlander and she’s loving it too, though she has said it helps her to discuss it with me and I point out important things that will come up again that she may have glossed over when she read. Let me know how you like it if you do read it!

  4. It rained here in Houston a couple of nights ago… really, really hard. My dogs got scared, I woke up a couple of times after loud thunder and bright flashes. But in the morning it was one of those rare, amazing, wonderful, low-humidity days that make you wish it wasn’t a work day.

    Seems like I heard there was going to be a Writing 101 that The Daily Post folks were going to start soon. I might do that along with the challenges.

    Congrats to you, too Splendid Emperess. I’m sure you’ll finish this up, too.

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